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Want to be a veterinarian or para-veterinary professional?
Do you dream of working with animals? Is your heart set on becoming a veterinarian, veterinary nurse, animal health technician, veterinary physiotherapist, veterinary technologist, or laboratory animal technologist? Or are you already a professional looking to further your studies? Whether you are wanting to apply for undergraduate studies to... Read more
UP and US Embassy host ceremony to launch Mapungubwe Archive
The University of Pretoria (UP) and the Embassy of the United States of America in Pretoria recently hosted a ceremony to open the Mapungubwe Archive as a research repository held under the curatorship of the UP Museums. A plaque was also unveiled during the event to acknowledge the US... Read more
UP engineering students teach school learners how to make robots
Inspired by its annual Robot Car Race, the University of Pretoria’s (UP) Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (EECE) and Unit for Community Engagement have initiated a Robot School whereby UP students teach learners how to make robots. Professor Tania Hanekom, Head of Undergraduate Studies and a Biomedical... Read more
States can now be held responsible for the negative impact of carbon emissions on the rights of children
The United Nations Child Rights Committee issued a historic ruling that a State can be found responsible for the negative impact of its carbon emissions on the rights of children both within and outside its territory. This comes in the wake of news that the United Nations Human Rights... Read more
UP Vice-Chancellor Prof Tawana Kupe awarded honorary doctorate by University of Montpellier
The University of Pretoria’s (UP) Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Tawana Kupe, was awarded an honorary doctorate (doctor honoris causa) by the University of Montpellier at a special ceremony in Montpellier, France, on Thursday, 7 October. This is Prof Kupe’s second honorary doctorate, following one awarded to him by Michigan... Read more
All-women team of UP scientists sets sail for South Atlantic
Four postgraduate students from the University of Pretoria’s (UP) Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology are about to set sail for the South Atlantic. The all-female team of scientists will spend 36 days aboard the RV SA Agulhas II, which will be operated by the national Department of Environmental... Read more
Renowned sculptor Angus Taylor installs sculptures at UP community project Moja Gabedi
Internationally known South African artist Angus Taylor has built two massive sculptures with the help of students and community members at Moja Gabedi, the University of Pretoria’s (UP) growing community engagement project. For about 100 years, Moja Gabedi stood as an empty, unsightly lot in Festival Street, not far... Read more
UP confers honorary doctorates on jazz legend Abdullah Ibrahim and ‘Generations’ creator Mfundi Vundla
The University of Pretoria’s (UP) Faculty of Humanities conferred honorary doctorates (honoris causa) on internationally renowned jazz musician Abdullah Ibrahim and playwright/ television producer Mfundi Vundla during a virtual ceremony on 3 May as part of its autumn 2021 graduation session. “The arts play a vital role in holding... Read more
Huawei invests over R1m in bursaries for UP EBIT students
During a recent virtual awards ceremony, Huawei Technologies South Africa awarded eight students from the University of Pretoria’s (UP) Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (EBIT) bursaries to the value of R1,1m in total. The information and communications technology (ICT) company granted the bursaries to full-time undergraduate... Read more
UP launches SCU-B student counselling chatbot to boost student well-being
The Student Counselling Unit at the University of Pretoria (UP) has designed a first-of-its-kind counselling chatbot as part of the Student Counselling Unit-Bot (SCU-B) initiative. The SCU-B (“Scooby”) initiative aims to provide a primary mental healthcare resource for students to supplement traditional one-on-one counselling services, in a new virtual... Read more

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