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Passion for plant science drives PhD graduate
Dr Bonga Ngcobo is the proud holder of a PhD in Horticultural Science after developing new combinations of pre-and post-harvest treatments, which he says could form part of a green economy in South Africa and help poor rural households and subsistence farmers achieve greater food security. The innovative and... Read more
UP study finds that lions hunt particular cattle types
When wild lions sneak up on a herd of cattle to grab an easy meal, the dice seem to be loaded more heavily against certain herd members, which are more likely than the others to be killed and eaten, according to a new study conducted by scientists from the University of Pretoria (UP).... Read more
University of Pretoria launches Pan African Cancer Research Institute
The University of Pretoria (UP) has launched the Pan African Cancer Research Institute (PACRI) to transform the fight against cancer in Africa. The launch, which was held as a two-day event at UP’s Future Africa Institute, featured various speakers, including international oncology experts, government officials, academics and representatives from... Read more
UP and US Embassy host ceremony to launch Mapungubwe Archive
The University of Pretoria (UP) and the Embassy of the United States of America in Pretoria recently hosted a ceremony to open the Mapungubwe Archive as a research repository held under the curatorship of the UP Museums. A plaque was also unveiled during the event to acknowledge the US... Read more
UCT sets its sights on conquering cancer
On Friday, 11 February, at the Neuroscience Institute at Groote Schuur Hospital, the University of Cape Town (UCT) Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre (GCRC) welcomed more than 120 attendees to its celebration of World Cancer Day. The occasion was marked with a screening of Conquering Cancer, a feature documentary aimed at showing the... Read more
More than 9 000 tree species yet to be discovered
A new study puts the total number of tree species on Earth at 73 274, with another 9 186 still to be discovered. Roughly 40% of these undiscovered tree species are in South America. This new global estimate of the number of tree species, published in PNAS recently, is about 14% more than... Read more
International collaborative research on student entrepreneurship support inspires master’s study
Student entrepreneurship support at South African public universities to mitigate youth unemployment is the focus of a collaborative project between Nelson Mandela University, University of Pretoria, and Ghent University in Belgium. This topic has inspired the Master’s study of Research Assistant in Business Management Riyaad Ismail to graduate cum laude on... Read more
Prof Werner Nel upgraded from C2 to C1 NRF-rated researcher
UFH Physical Geography Professor and well-accomplished Researcher, Werner Nel has been upgraded from a C2 to a C1-Rated Researcher by the National Research Foundation (NRF). Professor Nel’s research focus is on contemporary geomorphology, paleogeography and climate change. His new rating was announced in December 2021, a few months after... Read more
New study detects infections with Omicron despite booster dose
A significant new study by South African and German scientists has provided the first evidence globally that even three vaccine doses may not be sufficient to prevent infection with the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The study, “Breakthrough infections with SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant despite booster dose of mRNA... Read more
Ramaphosa lauds SU’s world-class research centre set to lead global epidemic response
President Cyril Ramaphosa, along with the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Blade Nzimande, and the biotech investor of NantAfrica (a division of NantWorks), Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong, visited the Stellenbosch University (SU) Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI) today (19 January 2022) to view the cutting-edge facilities of the Centre... Read more

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