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UFS researchers investigate deadly fungi affecting 3 million South Africans a year
Fungal infections affect more than one billion people each year, of which more than 150 million cases are severe and life-threatening, causing 1.7 million deaths a year. In South Africa, it is estimated that diseases caused by fungal infections total more than three million cases a year. These figures... Read more
UKZN launches Discover Me SA study
UKZN’s College of Health Sciences is excited to announce the launch of the Discover Me South Africa study. This innovative study aims to enrol up to 100,000 individuals from the local population of Durban, South Africa. To enable this study, we are collaborating with Omnigen Biodata, Inkosi Albert Luthuli... Read more
Where will the mathematics academics come from?
By 2040, there will be more than three hundred vacancies for mathematics academics in higher education in South Africa (SA). This is the alarm bell sounded by renowned mathematician, Prof Loyiso Nongxa, of the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) at a National Institute for Theoretical and Computational Sciences (NITheCS) colloquium held... Read more
Legal framework needed to protect patients’ mobile phone data
In remote areas or during an emergency, healthcare professionals can decide much quicker what type of treatment a patient needs if they have immediate access to mobile phone data about the person’s health. While such data can make a world of difference to those requiring care, it is the... Read more
Leading researchers & students join the dialogue to unpack wind power’s role
Africa’s premier academic exchange platform, WindAc Africa 2023, has opened its entries, inviting leading renewable energy researchers and high-potential young people from universities across the country to get involved in the dialogue that will unpack the role of wind power in the energy crisis. An initiative by the South... Read more
Study unravels social constructs of fatherhood in SA
In contrast to a perceived prevailing opinion in South Africa that fathers are generally unwilling to take responsibility for their children, a Master’s degree study found that most showed a desire and willingness to be involved in their offspring’s lives. This was the finding of research done by Mr... Read more
Climate scientists plot way forward for SA emissions future
South African scientists in the ocean, terrestrial and atmospheric carbon observation fields have concluded their seminal workshop themed Integrated Regional Observation Carbon-Climate Constraints and have plotted a way towards building capacity to strengthen the country’s ability to observe accurately the changing greenhouse gas emissions as well as carbon sources and sinks.... Read more
Mandela University participates in the world-first digital twin of the Ocean project
Nelson Mandela University scientist, Professor Mike Roberts and his team have deployed oceanographic instruments to collect data on the ocean dynamics of the Mozambique Channel. This includes collecting information on currents, temperature, ocean productivity, habitats, fish and human populations. This is part of a major research effort to predict... Read more
PhD focuses on cardiovascular disease among women living with HIV
‘Women of child-bearing age who are living with HIV face an added burden of obesity and hypertension, which heightens their risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), particularly in resource-limited settings.’ This concern led Dr Sherika Hanley, a specialist family physician and lecturer in Family Medicine at UKZN to pursue a... Read more
Doctoral study can help prevent the spreading of bovine TB in African buffaloes
A researcher at Stellenbosch University (SU) has found an innovative way to diagnose bovine Tuberculosis (TB) in African buffaloes and identify infected animals more accurately and rapidly. This can help to prevent the spread of the disease in one of the continent’s most iconic and high-valued species. “It is... Read more

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