Lockdown: how to survive working from home
Countries around the world have been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in unprecedented ways – self-isolation, social distancing, travel bans and, in South Africa, a 21-day lockdown – to curb the spread of the deadly virus. University of Cape Town (UCT) experts give their take on how best to navigate... Read more
Dr Joe Molete Aims to inspire ‘greatness’
The DUT Communications team spoke to the dynamic Dr Joe Molete, who is the new Director of the Midlands Campuses as of January 2020. He is responsible for the leadership and growth of the two DUT Midlands (Indumiso and Riverside) campuses. Dr Molete is ecstatic to be part of... Read more
DUT paper 3rd at Clemson University Power System Conference
Earning a third place award for an outstanding conference paper at the 17th Clemson University Power System Conference (PSC) is Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Professor and Chair, at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Innocent Davidson, and Elutunji Buraimoh, a doctoral student at the Department of Electrical Power... Read more
Yabelana app to benefit communities
Eastern Cape communities do not have to fear that they will be left out in the cold during the 21-day lockdown period announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa. All the information they need will be available by downloading an app on their mobile phones. The Yabelana (Xhosa for ‘to share’)... Read more
WSU Francis Hyera talks Covid-19
WSU Head of Department: Public Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Francis Hyera, has dispelled myths around the racial profiling of the Covid-19 pandemic rumoured to be a Eurocentric disease. According to Hyera who was recently appointed Eastern Cape’s Covid-19 Public Health Medicine Consultant and Advisor, Africans... Read more
Bettering education through language
The African Languages Development Unit hosted the 2nd Consultative Working Committee Meeting. It was a continuation meeting based on the Working Committee Meeting which was held in November 2019. The main aim was to revise and verify terminologies developed after the VUT had embarked on the process of harvesting and... Read more
Successful online tutorial to aid learning and teaching
The Accounting Sciences Department at Mandela University has just piloted an online tutorial project to promote online learning in their department. Staff members Tarish Jagwanth, Lee-Ann MacPherson and Feroza Oliveria in conjunction with e-technologist Andrew Thuo, conducted extensive research from the start of the year and recently the first-ever... Read more
Best paper award for UCT TB vaccine research
The International Society for Vaccines (ISV) has selected a publication in which the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Professor Mark Hatherill, Professor Robert Wilkinson, Professor Tom Scriba, Dr Michèle Tameris and Dr Friedrich Thienemann (Faculty of Health Sciences) played a key role, as the best paper of the year for 2019.... Read more
Construction sector: Empowerment through female leadership
In an industry that is predominantly male dominated, the need to transform various aspects of the construction sector is paramount, particularly if it is to remain economically viable in a country that is economically strained. In the past two years, massive job cuts, liquidations and gender discrimination within the... Read more
Panel discussion with indigenous knowledge holders
The North-West University’s (NWU’) Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKS) Centre hosted a panel discussion with indigenous knowledge holders on 6 March 2020. The aim of this discussion was to share knowledge with students and to ensure they understand the IKS Centre’s goals and its role in academia.Various stakeholders and knowledge... Read more