Diverse teams drive better outcomes
The recent news of Maria Ramos’ pending retirement highlighted a gaping hole in the gender diversity plans of the country’s 40 largest JSE listed companies. Under Ramos’ guidance, employment equity across all categories increased and she used her position as a force for change. While the board’s still mum... Read more
Lost your job?

Lost your job?

Careers May 28, 2019

It is one of the worst events in anyone’s life, especially for a breadwinner. Take heart. You have options. There is life after a job loss. After losing a job, what are some of the things you can do, especially after you have been fired or retrenched? First up,... Read more
SA plunges in gender wage equality
Eradicating the gender pay gap will make a significant contribution to the transformation of the South African economy by improving workplace equality and alleviating poverty and financial vulnerability that particularly affects women – and corporate board directors and investors have a key role to play. The 2018 World Economic... Read more
More job seekers believe market to improve
How are job seekers actually feeling about their chances of securing a new role, landing a pay rise or learning new skills? How positive do they feel about the economic situation? The Michael Page Job Confidence Index is a quarterly barometer that measures the perception of candidates about their... Read more
Your posts could land you in hot water
Social media represents one of the most significant developments in human communication and has undoubtedly changed the way we interact and share information. Social media has become a prevailing presence in our lives, including the workplace, and therefore poses a significant risk to the reputational integrity of employees and... Read more
No experience for entry-level jobs is a game changer
From 1 April, job experience will no longer be a pre-requisite for those applying for entry-level jobs in the public service. Deputy President David Mabuza said this when answering oral questions in the National Assembly on Wednesday afternoon. This comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa made a call during his... Read more
Phoenix-1B sounding rocket test launch “a learning experience”
Despite the unsuccessful test launch of the Phoenix-1B sounding rocket, the project still remains important to South African engineering. The Phoenix Hybrid Sounding Rocket Programme seeks to develop a series of indigenous sounding rockets to serve the needs of the South African and African scientific research communities. There are... Read more
Employers leveraging new technology to find ideal candidates
Increasingly Millennials are moving away from having physical CVs, and instead, are opting to store their data in a digital profile. In the next three years, top HR executives and employers have asserted that the biggest impact on recruitment will be Technology Augmenting the Hiring Process. In other words,... Read more
Advice for International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Each year on February 11, the United Nations marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It’s a chance to reflect on how the situation has improved for women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and how much remains to be done.... Read more
Sexual harassment at work: #MindYourBusiness No matter the colour of your collar
A recent study by Columinate reveals that nearly 30% of South African women have been victims of unwanted sexual advances in the workplace – 57% from peers and 26% from superiors, the very people employees look up to for leadership and inspiration. The worst part is that nearly one... Read more