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World is your oyster with a hospitality qualification
As travel and tourism report shows that 14 million new hospitality graduates will be needed to fill a skills gap by 2025 The world is truly your oyster if you have an international hospitality accreditation in hand.  What’s more, many hospitality management skills are transferable, so graduates can switch between... Read more
Navigating your future: Guide to career planning in the accounting world
Career planning is essential in meaningfully developing yourself and loving what you do. A career plan is crucial for all. It starts with a framework that not only considers your abilities, academic results, and employment opportunities but also considers your passion. Planning for your career in the finance sector... Read more
Crown Relocations offers varied career prospects, skills development
Crown Relocations South Africa is a leader in global mobility, providing relocation and moving services for individuals, families, and businesses worldwide. With a commitment to talent development and a passion for excellence, Crown Relocations South Africa is dedicated to helping individuals thrive in the relocation industry. The dynamic and... Read more
Five ways to turn your dream job into a reality
As South Africa’s top mentalist, Larry Soffer knows a  thing or two about successfully pursuing an unusual career The average person will completely change their careers between five and seven times during their lifetime. There is nothing wrong with wanting a fresh new start but what happens when you... Read more
Build the skills to have difficult conversations
As social creatures, it’s natural to feel a sense of trepidation, or even full-blown anxiety, when you know that a high-stakes conversation is on the cards.  While avoidance is an understandable reaction, the respite is generally short-lived, and the consequences of not engaging with what needs to be said... Read more
As hundreds of thousands of students head back to university throughout South Africa, they enter a world of study that has already changed just from last year and will continue to do so more rapidly than ever before due to technological advancements changing the landscape almost from one day... Read more
A Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management can transform the healthcare industry in South Africa by providing professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise to effectively lead and manage healthcare organisations. With an MBA, professionals can learn about various business and management principles, including financial management, strategy, marketing, and operations... Read more
Does your postgraduate diploma in accounting need to be SAICA accredited?
It is essential that students interested in the field of finance and accounting or who dream ofpursuing a career as a Chartered Accountant (CA), acquiring a professionally accreditedqualification. Regent Business School offers a SAICA-accredited Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting(PGDA) that will equip one with the essential skills and knowledge... Read more
Five skills to future-proof your career this year
If you don’t believe you can change your life and your career in a year, then you haven’t tried learning a new skill in digital technology. Matriculants are eagerly awaiting their results, countless job seekers are looking to accelerate their careers and thousands of unemployed youths are desperate for... Read more
Making smart choices after your matric results
Matric results are in for the 2022 cohort, and a new phase of life is about to begin for the country’s latest school leavers.  Some will step onto their chosen tertiary or vocational pathways, but for many, the way ahead is not yet clear.  The gap year is a... Read more

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