Employers: time to review recruitment criteria to land the right candidates
With the sea-change that has taken place in the world of work and in higher education in recent years, employers and recruiters should take the time to review their selection criteria to ensure they land the best talent for their needs, an expert says. “Companies often have to shift... Read more
How to recover from interview mistakes and use them to your advantage
You walk into the interview room, make eye contact with your interviewer, and shake hands firmly and confidently. Everything is going as expected until you sit down and knock coffee all over the table. What do you do? Going for an interview can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience,... Read more
You don’t have to be a genius to work with neutrinos
If you are curious about sub-atomic particles, nuclear weapons and science fiction movies like Star Trek, a career in nuclear physics may just be the thing for you. This is what motivated BSc alumnus Milton van Rooy to study experimental nuclear physics at Stellenbosch University. Today he is a radioactivity... Read more
Recruitment trends: a closer look at what we can expect in 2018?
While top talent will always be an objective of recruitment, technology, big data and new generations entering the workplace means that the industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Jake Willis, CEO of youth employment agency, Lulaway, highlights some of the trends expected to characterise the recruitment industry over the... Read more
Get valuable career information at the Maties 2018 Open Day
“The beauty of an Open Day is that you can interact directly with University staff. In this way, you can find out exactly what you need to know about the various fields of study, as well as the support services the University offers,” says Magdel Pretorius, project manager at... Read more
Careers24 hits 3 million mark for registered candidates
Careers24, one of South Africa’s leading online recruitment sites, reached the milestone of 3 million registered candidates on Monday, 5 February. Careers24 is consistently among the top online job portals in South Africa, according to Effective Measure’s monthly Unique Browser figures. “This is a massive milestone for us and... Read more
Venture Incubation Programme applications open
Caption: Future entrepreneurs at work at the MTN Solution Space at the Graduate School of Business.   Entrepreneurs seeking to launch digital solutions on the African continent are invited to apply for the Venture Incubation Programme, a partnership between MTN and the Graduate School of Business’s Solution Space. The... Read more
Matrics: 6 steps to making one of your most important decisions ever
As the Matric Class of 2018 settle into their final year of school and get to grips with the challenges of the year ahead, an education expert has warned that they need to start thinking about their plans for next year sooner rather than later. “One of the most... Read more
You can do better…by 10%
Kevin Ryan, the mastermind behind the rise of Gilt Groupe and DoubleClick says that you don’t need to be a rockstar to get ahead – you need to only be 10% better. Think about it. The big names like Google, Facebook, Apple and even Microsoft all entered an already... Read more
Decent jobs still government’s top priority
Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says government remains committed to creating decent work on a scale that makes a decisive impact on poverty and inequality. “That requires far higher levels of economic growth and sustained investment by both the public and private sectors in productive economic activity,” he said on... Read more