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Arts, culture trust scholarship programme now closed
The Arts & Culture Trust Nyoloha Scholarship Programme invited costume designers for possible event collaboration The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is thrilled to have announced an open call strictly for Gauteng-based costume designers to possibly collaborate on an exciting project that is part of the 2023 ACT Nyoloha... Read more
SAFCOL, CHIETA collaborate to develop digitally savvy artisans
ALX’S first tech hub in a continental shift in tech education
A global leader in technology training and skills development, ALX, calls for the removal of barriers preventing South African youth from leveraging digital transformation opportunities.  “Government, civil society and the private sector must rally to address infrastructural challenges and create opportunities for young people to acquire in-demand skills that... Read more
Youth entrepreneurship programme celebrates 2023 Innovator Trust graduates
Celebrations were in full throng this Youth Month as fifty young South Africans from across the country were announced as graduates of the 2023 Innovator Trust Youth Entrepreneurship Programme. The graduation was held through an online, virtual ceremony earlier this month.  More popularly known as YEP, the Innovator Trust... Read more
Dos and don’ts for graduates negotiating a starting salary
Those looking for work after graduating from university seldom possess the experience companies desire and may feel they have little power to negotiate a better-starting salary. “While it’s true that having a degree, like an MBA, does not mean they will automatically be paid more, graduates are not without... Read more
Techno Girl Trust employers SA youth to conquer unemployment
In an era of rapid technological advancements, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has the potential to reshape industries, economies, and societies. To ensure that South African children are adequately prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 4IR, TechnoGirl Trust (TGT) drives a programme which emphasises the importance of... Read more
UFS Odeion School of Music launches two qualifications
 Over the past decade, the Odeion School of Music (OSM) at the University of the Free State (UFS) has been active in designing new qualifications and restructuring current offerings. The OSM introduced the Higher Certificate in Music Performance (in 2017) and a restructured Diploma in Music in 2018 to admit students... Read more
CHIETA’s smart skills centre flagship programme gains momentum
Access to digital technology in rural South Africa has been a topic of concern and effort in recent years. Whilst some gains have been made to bridge the digital divide, there is still a great deal of work to be done as research has revealed that access to the... Read more
MTN’s Online School injects critical digital skills into SA’s economy as robotics
MTN SA’s Online School portal is helping children reach their dreams and aspirations while providing a critical edge to the local workforce. Growing from 25,000 users soon after launch in October 2021, it has reached over 400,000 users in just 18 months, and our target is to hit one million... Read more
Skip winter by teaching abroad
South Africans, like our houses, are not built for winter. Between waking up in the dark, and constantly avoiding coworkers coughing in the office, many locals will be looking to escape to sunnier shores, without breaking the bank.  As the world’s go-to option for working abroad, Teaching English as... Read more

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