Study on the state of magma in crustal reservoirs
The study challenges a recently-emerged paradigm that magma chambers are huge masses of crystals with just a very small amount of melt. Wits PhD student, Willem Kruger’s study on the state of magma within plutonic magmatic systems in the Earth’s crust has been published in the high impact journal, Nature Communications.  ... Read more
Wits students start-up gathers momentum
Things are starting to gather momentum for three aspiring entrepreneurs from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). Within four months of enlisting the help of Wits Commercial Enterprise, the trio has garnered the interest of an American consulting firm, Mutualism, and is working on securing funds for their beta... Read more
First online admission in Gauteng of new attorney
A member of staff of the Wits Law Clinic is the first attorney in Gauteng to be admitted to the high court online. Mbavhalelo Mmbadi’s life-long dream of becoming an attorney came true last week, under Level 4 of the national lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown... Read more
“Little Foot” skull reveals how this human ancestor lived
Micro-CT scanning of “Little Foot” skull reveals new aspects of the life of this more than 3-million year-old-human ancestor. “The morphology of the first cervical vertebra, or atlas, reflects multiple aspects of an organism’s life,” says Beaudet, the lead author of the study. “In particular, the nearly complete atlas... Read more
First years share their hopes as they start university
University can be an enthralling experience for high school leavers as they embark on their new academic journey, which will bring them a step closer to realising their dreams. Classes have commenced at Wits University following a successful Orientation Week at Wits, which ran from 26 to 31 January... Read more
Healthy and motivated staff bring success
Motivated and happy staff are the force behind great universities says Wits Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Adam Habib. “Great universities around the world are not hard to build, what you require is great staff, great students and you need to give them some resources for them to do their... Read more
Prof Emerita Hilary Janks: A life invested in language and literacy education
Multi-award winning Education Professor Emerita, Hilary Janks, reflects on language and power, and offers insight into the poor literacy levels in South Africa. Janks, has spent nearly 40 years teaching those who have the most impact on society – teachers. Her work in the field of language, literacy and... Read more
Future economists set to impress at Budget Speech
Winners of the Nedbank and Old Mutual Budget Speech student competition will be announced next Wednesday after the Minister of Finance delivers the 2019 Budget. Five Wits students are among 10 finalists in the postgraduate category of the competition, which attracts entries from visionary economics students across the country.... Read more
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Each year on February 11, the United Nations marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It’s a chance to reflect on how the situation has improved for women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and how much remains to be done.... Read more
Research: Why screen time needs to be limited
High levels of screen time, among babies, children and adolescents, are associated with potential harm. There is increasing concern about the amount of time children and adolescents are spending in recreational screen time. There’s also increasing controversy over whether or not screen time is actually harmful. Since 2016, we (researchers who’ve... Read more

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