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African Elephant Management in Research Spotlight
Having done her masters at UKZN – supervised by Professor Rob Slotow – on the costs and consequences of immunocontraception implementation in elephants, it was only natural that Dr Audrey Delsink continued with doctoral research at the same institution and with the same supervisor.  Now she has a PhD... Read more
Stellenbosch University establishes online registry for Long COVID study
If you are suffering from Long COVID, then Prof Resia Pretorius from the Department of Physiological Sciences at Stellenbosch University (SU) would like to document your symptoms in a South African online registry. And if you are living in the Western Cape, she also wants a sample of your... Read more
Lightning Detection System a Life-Saver for Rural Communities
Dr Maqsooda Mahomed’s postgraduate journey started with water. ‘My honours and master’s research focused on tackling challenges within the water cycle,’ said Mahomed. ‘I researched satellite earth observation data as an alternate way to obtain critical hydrological estimates for the effective management of droughts and for the allocation of... Read more
The Lancet: First data suggest Africa has higher death rate among critically ill COVID-19 patients than any other world region
Death rates among adults in the 30 days after being admitted to critical care with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection appear considerably higher in Africa (average 48.2%; 1,483/3,077 patients) than globally (average 31.5%; from a meta-analysis of 34,859 patients ), according a prospective observational study from 64 hospitals in... Read more
UKZN academic part of ground-breaking language research
Professor Jochen Zeller, Associate Professor in Linguistics in the College of Humanities, is part of an international research team, led by experts from the University of Birmingham and the Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics (ZAS), Berlin, that discovered that iconic vocalisations can convey a much wider range of meanings more accurately... Read more
Do people use digital media as much as they think they do?
Most studies linking media use with wellbeing use self-reported estimates of media use, but a new analysis of data from over 50 000 individuals suggests that self-reported media use does not accurately reflect objective measures of device-logged media use. This implies that caution is needed when drawing wide-reaching conclusions from... Read more
Mandela University researchers focus on national student entrepreneurship project
Business Management’s Prof Shelley Farrington, as local promoter, and masters’ student Riyaad Ismael as lead researcher, have been focussing on the identification and distribution of best practices in university-based student entrepreneurship support and creating a student entrepreneurship development tool. Their research forms part of an international collaborative project entitled... Read more
Fungal infections might be dangerous to COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms in ICU
COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms who end up in intensive care units in hospitals are at risk of contracting an invasive fungal infection that might influence their outcomes and hamper treatment efforts. These fungal co-infections in COVID-19 patients on ventilators may contribute to the high mortality rate of these... Read more
Indigenous South African oral cultures a potential environmental knowledge system
Two researchers from the University of the Free State (UFS) aim with their research to examine the portrayal of environmental conservation in oral stories from indigenous South African cultures. They also hope to add the under-researched genres of oral cultures to mainstream inter-/cross-/multi-disciplinary inquiries on environmentalism, the climate crisis,... Read more
New discovery lands NWU researcher a spot in top science publication
When magnetic fields and long strokes of hot gas known as jets interact, the jets become bent. This is an important discovery and, for his contribution to it, Prof James O Chibueze has earned a space in the prestigious research publication Nature. An associate professor at the North-West University’s Centre... Read more

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