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Speech therapist overcomes mental health challenges after years of struggling 
When Firdous Sulaiman walked across the stage to receive her degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy on Tuesday (12 December), it was a triumphant conclusion to years of struggling. Having had to repeat three years of her studies at Stellenbosch University (SU), a car accident in 2020 became... Read more
Where will the mathematics academics come from?
By 2040, there will be more than three hundred vacancies for mathematics academics in higher education in South Africa (SA). This is the alarm bell sounded by renowned mathematician, Prof Loyiso Nongxa, of the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) at a National Institute for Theoretical and Computational Sciences (NITheCS) colloquium held... Read more
Legal framework needed to protect patients’ mobile phone data
In remote areas or during an emergency, healthcare professionals can decide much quicker what type of treatment a patient needs if they have immediate access to mobile phone data about the person’s health. While such data can make a world of difference to those requiring care, it is the... Read more
Doctoral study can help prevent the spreading of bovine TB in African buffaloes
A researcher at Stellenbosch University (SU) has found an innovative way to diagnose bovine Tuberculosis (TB) in African buffaloes and identify infected animals more accurately and rapidly. This can help to prevent the spread of the disease in one of the continent’s most iconic and high-valued species. “It is... Read more
Social workers need better support
Unmanageable workloads, poor recognition, inadequate supervision and too much stress are just some of the things that make social workers in South Africa quit their jobs. Unsurprisingly, the turnover rate remains high despite the implementation of the Recruitment and Retention Strategy for Social Workers in 2009. “Frontline social workers... Read more
SA’s women academics burnt out when working from home
Working from home became a nightmare for many of South Africa’s women academics during the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic-enforced lockdown in 2020. Increased workloads, domestic pressures, and inadequate workspaces turned the home into a more stressful place and left them feeling burnt out. This is according... Read more
Learners can access Stellenbosch University’s supplementary educational platform SU Advantage
​​​​​Stellenbosch University’s (SU) SUNCOM division, in partnership with its Centre for Pedagogy (SUNCEP), offers high school learners access to its supplementary educational platform SU Advantage for R99 per month for a year as an introductory offer for 2023. SU Advantage augments the high school learning experience and supports grade 10, 11,... Read more
SA’s ‘silent mass disaster’ of missing, unidentified people
An estimated 7 000 – but likely closer to 10 000 – unidentified bodies in South Africa’s medico-legal laboratories are waiting to be identified each year, says Dr Kathryn Smith, an interdisciplinary visual and forensic artist and Chair of the Department of Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University (SU). “Statistics are kept... Read more
Anti-poaching technologies vulnerable to cyber-attacks, study finds
Various technologies such as tracking tags, CCTV and thermal cameras, Wireless Sensor Networks, mobile apps and drones are being used in anti-poaching operations for intelligence and communications to protect wildlife. However, these technologies bring with them the risk of cyber-attacks, and therefore communication networks and IT infrastructure must be... Read more

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