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Simple shift in businesses’ skills development can secure a work-ready IT talent
Jessica Hawkey, MD at redAcademy South African businesses, like those from the rest of the world, are battling a crippling technology skills shortfall. The tragedy in this country is that it is happening against the backdrop of the highest unemployment rate in the world. According to Youth Capital, more... Read more
Demand-led software training academies address skills gap, make a meaningful impact
By Jessica Hawkey, MD of redAcademy South Africa’s recently released unemployment figures are alarming, especially considering the unemployed youth. The cruel irony is that the skills shortage, especially in software development as a highly-skilled career, means companies struggle to find highly skilled workers. One of the negative outcomes of... Read more
Red Academy creates tech jobs for SA youth
South Africa faces a youth unemployment rate of 60,7% percent, one of the highest rates globally. Yet even as many multilateral organisations, such as the World Bank, point out that digital technologies can help Africa – and SA – leapfrog into the future, the country’s progress is hindered because... Read more
Case study: Partnership creates tech talent pipeline
“I have interviewed upward of 400 juniors in my career. When I interview a junior, it is all about attitude and aptitude rather than technical knowledge, which can be taught. The benefit of working with an organisation such as redAcademy to source young IT talent is that, unlike a... Read more
How SA can fast-track careers in technology for more women
While South African women have made great strides over the years, they are still underrepresented in the local technology sector and alternative approaches to skills development are needed to drive tangible change. This includes partnerships between business and talent organisations to create innovative training programmes that not only fast-track... Read more
Lecturer on mission to uplift youth in tech industry
From a small boy in a village in Limpopo to one of the most recognisable names in the IT education space, Emmanuel Madzunye, Senior Software Development Lecturer at redAcademy, is driven by a singular purpose: to change and uplift the lives of young people so that they may go... Read more

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