Lost your job? Lost your job?
It is one of the worst events in anyone’s life, especially for a breadwinner. Take heart. You have options. There is life after a... Lost your job?

It is one of the worst events in anyone’s life, especially for a breadwinner. Take heart. You have options. There is life after a job loss.

After losing a job, what are some of the things you can do, especially after you have been fired or retrenched?

First up, check if your dismissal or retrenchment is fair or not – a good place to look for this information is the South African Labour Guide, which outlines not only what constitutes a fair or unfair dismissal, but also details the required procedures.

If you have been unfairly dismissed, which way should you go without ruining your future opportunities?

In the event that you have been dismissed and you think that this dismissal is unfair – either the employer didn’t follow the correct procedures or the reason for the firing was unfair, the employee may challenge the dismissal. This is according to the South African Labour Guide.

The guide says that if a dismissal is found to be unfair, the employee will either be able to get reinstated or re-employed, or they could get a compensation payment. The labour guide explains that reinstatement means you get your job back as if you weren’t dismissed. Re-employment means you get the job back but essentially as a new employee.

After being fired, what are your chances of getting a new job? How should you market yourself?

An article on Harvard Business Review says that looking for a job is never easy and is even more stressful when your confidence has taken a knock in the form of dismissal.

The article lists some strategies that can be employed after dismissal:

  • Understand why you were fired; this will also help you talk to and finesse the issue should it come up.
  • Reach out to people in your network who can give you a solid reference and grant you some credibility
  • Ensure you are sufficiently prepared to answer any questions relating to the dismissal.

What should you do after being fired for misconduct?

Legal Wise defines misconduct as unacceptable or improper behaviour of an employee.

According to the founder of Career Change, Toy Joubert, being fired for misconduct is more traumatic because of the added emotions you may experience.

She adds: “The first and foremost thing to do is to work through the emotional impact that being fired has on you.  Being able to forgive yourself will bring about healing and make it easier to move forward.”

That said, it is important, to be honest when applying for a new job. You must not lie about being fired. When applying for jobs it is important to write a simple but honest reason – as lying on an application is grounds for dismissal.

How does one deal with retrenchment to avoid depression?

Career Planet offers advice for dealing with stress after an unhappy event such as retrenchment. Their advice includes positive thinking, such as concentrating on your strong points and as well as achievements.

Another is making plans, by making and executing plans that will you feel you have control over your situation and allow you to focus on finding your next job. Remember to look after yourself. Maintain your appearance. Make time for exercise and get enough sleep each night.

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