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South African wins frontiers planet prize
The International Champions of the Frontiers Planet Prize 2023 have been announced during the Awards Ceremony at the Frontiers Forum Live. The International Champions of the Frontiers Planet Prize, a new global sustainability competition chaired by Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, have been... Read more
Mark New receives Frontiers Planet prize
Prof Mark New has received the accolade of being the National Champion for South Africa 2023 by the Frontiers Planet Prize. The Frontiers Planet Prize is a global competition where three prizes of 1 million Swiss Francs are awarded to scientists whose research contributes to helping humanity stay in... Read more
Can education help to address some of the systemic challenges in informal settlements?
In South Africa, informal settlements – like many townships around the country – are characterised by poverty, high unemployment, crime, violence and poor access to even basic services, including education. Although the majority of those who live in informal settlements can access education for their children, schools are usually... Read more
<strong>Dedicated cruise deepens offshore research capacity in South Africa </strong>
This week, a team of marine scientists will embark on a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary offshore expedition to develop the capacity of young southern African scientists and to collect data in outer shelf and deep-sea habitats.  The expedition is an excellent example of the teamwork needed to collectively understand, benefit... Read more
Graduates’ business addresses skills gap
South Africa’s young graduates are struggling to find jobs. According to Statistics South Africa, the youth unemployment rate, measuring jobseekers between 15 and 24 years old, fell to a two-year low of 59.6% in the third quarter of 2022. Skills shortages are linked to the high unemployment rate because... Read more
A leading cause of death in SA, head trauma is under-researched
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) remains an under-researched area, despite the large burden of disease it represents. There is currently little data on incidence, outcomes and quality of clinical care administered. Professor Anthony Figaji, the head of the Paediatric Neurosurgery Unit at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Faculty of... Read more
Fertiliser from urine: winning master’s research underscores SDGs
Human urine is treated as a mere waste product, millions of litres flushed away daily. But this liquid gold is rich in nitrogen in the form of urea, which is most often used as a fertiliser. University of Cape Town (UCT) civil engineering master’s candidate Hlumelo Marepula has won... Read more
Leadership a priority for new law scholarship
The Everard and Joan MacFarlane Family Leadership Scholarship for University of Cape Town (UCT) law students was launched on Tuesday, 20 July. More than just a funding grant, the R15 million endowment aims to support students who display both academic excellence and leadership skills, through a holistic faculty‑based programme. Taking... Read more
Rare honours and international recognition for UCT research managers
UCT staff members Natalie Le Roux (senior research manager in the Research Office) and Sidney Engelbrecht (manager: Research Ethics and Compliance in the Faculty of Health Sciences) both obtained Research Management Professional (RMP) status. The two received this honour during the first opportunity afforded to Africa’s research managers to receive this... Read more
UCT as an example for embedding a ‘futures’ culture
Creating a safe space for “crazy ideas”, brave leadership and dedicating 20% of your time to thinking about the long-term are some of the essential actions and attributes of any organisation, big or small, wanting to help shape the future. This was the advice of Abbas Jamie, an engineer... Read more

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