DUT Prof awarded the SANEA and the Energy Globe National Awards DUT Prof awarded the SANEA and the Energy Globe National Awards
The Durban University of Technology’s (DUT) Professor Ian Lazarus is a passionate energy driver who is no stranger to winning accolades both nationally and... DUT Prof awarded the SANEA and the Energy Globe National Awards

The Durban University of Technology’s (DUT) Professor Ian Lazarus is a passionate energy driver who is no stranger to winning accolades both nationally and globally, and was recently awarded the SANEA (South African National Energy Award) and the Energy Globe National Award.


He (Prof Lazarus) is the Head of the Energy Technology Station called the KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Energy Efficient Training and Resource Centre at DUT. As part of his role as Head of the Technology Station he has networked with many key role-players within the energy sector, both nationally and internationally, gaining a wealth of knowledge in the sustainable energy field. Prof Lazarus is involved with the development and commercialisation of innovative energy products, skills training in energy, project management and energy research. He has a special interest in community engagement projects, especially within the underprivileged communities, aimed at mentoring the youth and creating awareness amongst them in the field of alternative energy and energy efficiency. He is involved in the development, management and implementation of many projects in sustainable energy.

The IEETR Centre (DUT) received the South African National Energy Education Award for its community based work towards educating young learners about energy through lectures, demonstrations and training via the energyDrive project. (The energyDrive project, a custom-built truck, which costs about R3-million to design and construct and is now the first globally, under the helm of project leader, Prof Lazarus and his team). The prestigious function was held at the SANEA Banquet and Awards Ceremony, Military Museum in Saxonworld. “We were nominated through a short-listing process for the Education category award and invited to attend the banquet function and was delighted to have won,” added Prof Lazarus.

The second honour received by Prof Ian Lazarus was the National Energy Globe award, which is the most prestigious environmental award. It is awarded annually to projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources. National winners receive an ENERGY GLOBE Certificate which is an internationally recognised hallmark for sustainability.

Speaking on his wins, Prof Lazarus said he was ecstatic to be given recognition for his contribution of looking at new and innovative ways of sustainable energy projects.

“On receiving these awards, I feel very humbled on being acknowledged by both the national and international energy organisations. It is encouraging to be recognised for my contributions in energy education and its impact on communities particularly the youth both nationally and globally,” he said jubilantly.

Professor Sibusiso Moyo-DVC OF Research, Innovation and Engagement expressed her excitement upon hearing the news of Prof Lazarus’s prestigious wins. “Congratulations and well done on this invitation and for winning the South African National Energy Education Award and now the National Energy Globe Award,” she added.

Wolfgang Neumann from the Energy Globe Foundation congratulated Prof Lazarus on his electrifying win. “We (The Energy Globe Foundation) warmly congratulate you on winning the National Energy Globe Award in South Africa. With your outstanding project, you are presenting solutions not only for your country but also for the world. Your project is a sympathetic global handshake and also promotes the basis for a successful sustainable implementation to save our world and reduce the climate change for the benefit of our youth and our future. The only solution for our world is more than merely having discussions, it includes taking serious actions as your unique project shows,” he said excitedly.

They only invite the top three nominees from each category for the world award out of 182 countries for the conference and world award function, and Prof Lazarus is one of the three that was invited to the Energy Globe World Awards which took place on 29 January 2019, in Yazd, Iran.

“We won the National Energy Globe award which was presented at the international function. We also attended the Energy Globe Conference in Iran at the end of January and were presented with the prestigious National Energy Globe award. It was very well attended by people from many countries,” said Prof Lazarus excitedly.

Pictured: Prof Ian Lazarus receives the prestigious National Energy Globe award in Iran.

By Waheeda Peters


Source Durban University of Technology

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