UCT receives large-scale research funding
Researchers from UCT are included in two of 12 international teams selected by United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) to establish large interdisciplinary research hubs based at leading UK universities that address the world’s complex development challenges. The research hubs are funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF),... Read more
UWC students working bio-entrepreneurship wonders
The University of the Western Cape joined forces with OneBio, Africa’s first biotech incubator, to design a mini incubation programme. It has unearthed some revolutionary biotechnology ideas – from a cannabinoid vape to using industrial reject brine for cosmetics and food production, among other things. Students from the Institute... Read more
ISEM research article wins prestigious sports medicine award
Dr Pierre Viviers and colleagues from the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine (ISEM) won the prestigious David Sisk Award for Best International Paper for the official journal of the American Orthopaedic Association. Their paper, entitled: “The Diagnostic Utility of Computer-Assisted Auscultation for the Early Detection of Cardiac Murmurs... Read more
Open Access: UP hosts panel discussion on making research available to all
A panel discussion held at the University of Pretoria earlier this year debated the $25 billion (R356 billion) turnover flowing into for-profit publishers of academic research. After a very vibrant and interactive discussion, all participants and delegates agreed that the universal open access model is preferable to the traditional... Read more
University of Pretoria AFMA feed mill research facility on the rise
A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the University of Pretoria (UP) and the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association of South Africa (AFMA) to the value of R50 million for the establishment of a feed mill research facility was officially signed on 11 December 2018.This agreement paves the way for the establishment... Read more
Injection with cheaper drug could help against diabetic eye disease
Diabetic eye disease (diabetic retinopathy) is one of the leading causes of blindness globally and treatment can be quite expensive, especially in low and middle-income countries, including South Africa. But, there’s hope for people with this condition. A recent doctoral study at Stellenbosch University (SU) found that a relatively... Read more
UWC Forensic DNA Lab launches revolutionary DNA testing kit
November 25, 2018 marked the first day of 16 Days of Activism centered around No Violence Against Women and Children. To help address the high level of sexual assault cases in South Africa, UWC’s DNA Forensic Laboratory and inqaba biotec™ launched a revolutionary DNA profiling system which could prove... Read more
Distinguished Research awardees announced
Associate Professors Caroline Khene and Brett Pletschke have been announced as the winners of the 2018 Vice-Chancellor’s Research Award. The award is to stimulate research and research related scholarly activities and to recognise an exceptional young staff member engaged in research and more general scholarly activity. The staff members... Read more
Recognising the diversity of SA families
What is “a family”? In South African law, the answer – or rather, answers – are broad. For example, it’s not considered unusual or unacceptable for children to move between kin and to be raised at different stages by grandparents, parents and other relatives. Kinship care is a widespread and customary... Read more
World-first: Bio-bricks from urine
The world’s first bio-brick grown from human urine has been unveiled by University of Cape Town (UCT) master’s student in civil engineering Suzanne Lambert, signalling an innovative paradigm shift in waste recovery. The bio-bricks are created through a natural process called microbial carbonate precipitation. It’s not unlike the way seashells... Read more