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Dos and don’ts for graduates negotiating a starting salary
Those looking for work after graduating from university seldom possess the experience companies desire and may feel they have little power to negotiate a better-starting salary. “While it’s true that having a degree, like an MBA, does not mean they will automatically be paid more, graduates are not without... Read more
Gaye’s legacy of service, mentorship and excellence
A giant of the industry, Prof. Gaye le Roux (85) an ASAQS Life Member, has recently stepped out of the Eastern Cape Chapter Committee of the ASAQS after almost five decades with the association. “After 49 years as a Chapter Committee member – from 1974 to earlier this year... Read more
Skip winter by teaching abroad
South Africans, like our houses, are not built for winter. Between waking up in the dark, and constantly avoiding coworkers coughing in the office, many locals will be looking to escape to sunnier shores, without breaking the bank.  As the world’s go-to option for working abroad, Teaching English as... Read more
Youth offered a space to kick off their careers
Internship programmes, which align with Government’s National Development Plan (NDP), encourage all sectors of the economy to develop youth. One such initiative, Globeleq South Africa’s internship programme, which incorporates the Northern Cape’s Droogfontein Solar Power, launched some eight years ago and has already prepared over 90 young graduates who... Read more
South Africa needs to challenge its contemporary view of education
Since the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2015 and its subsequent rise in prominence, the global view of education has been challenged to the extent that education systems need to be adaptable, or they will face becoming irrelevant. “The current view of education is changing at a... Read more
Social workers need better support
Unmanageable workloads, poor recognition, inadequate supervision and too much stress are just some of the things that make social workers in South Africa quit their jobs. Unsurprisingly, the turnover rate remains high despite the implementation of the Recruitment and Retention Strategy for Social Workers in 2009. “Frontline social workers... Read more
SA’s women academics burnt out when working from home
Working from home became a nightmare for many of South Africa’s women academics during the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic-enforced lockdown in 2020. Increased workloads, domestic pressures, and inadequate workspaces turned the home into a more stressful place and left them feeling burnt out. This is according... Read more
On-the-job training creates a win-win for youth and industry
This Youth Month, we once again confront the fact that, as a country, we remain motivated to push back our frightening youth unemployment figures. In the first quarter of 2023, we learned that 62.1% of job-seekers in the 15-24-year age cohort are unemployed, pretty much double the overall unemployment rate. The... Read more
Rape under philosophy microscope in master’s degree
Rape was the subject of research by Ms Thokomele Banele Zulu who graduated with a Master of Arts in Philosophy degree. Zulu says that growing up in a rural settlement in KwaZulu-Natal, she was always aware of the dangers lurking on the path to her school, mostly the possibility... Read more
SA’s top tech talent invited to apply for BRICS ‘skills Olympics’
Applications for the 2023 BRICS Future Skills Challenge are now open. The SA BRICS Business Council is looking for the country’s best up-and-coming tech gurus to represent the country in this year’s BRICS Future Skills Challenge.  The challenge is described as a multi-day online “skills Olympics” or “Hackathon competition”... Read more

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